Chiveo – Your data helps you make better and faster decisions

Your data helps you make better and faster decisions

Are your decisions made on reliable data? Does your data come from multiple sources? Do you waste time searching for relevant information?
Our experts in Qlik View, Qlik Sense and Nprinting technologies help you in that process.



Specialised in data analytics, we help you make strategic decisions.

Collecting your facts and operational data, to consolidate them and give you critical information.

Developping applications that match your specific needs.

Conducting technological and organizational audits to help you formulate your needs, choose the most appropriate technology, write specifications, develop decisional applications and coordinate BI competences centers.

Our services

  • Consultancy : We analyse your environment and your business needs and translate them into the right technical solution. We make your data speak in dashboards, to help you make better decisions.
  • Support : Any question? Our team answers each of them in time!
  • Coaching : Thanks to our coaching, you will be autonomous with the technical solution we implemented.
  • Audit :  Chiveo’s consultants are certified for global diagnostics and can make specialized audits in Business Intelligence

Some of our references

They trust us :

  • Sowalfin
  • ASL
  • Dupuis
  • Laurenty
  • Lundbeck
  • Sprimoglass
  • Lampiris
  • CMI
  • Gaming

Our partners

We work hand in hand with strategic partners :

  • HEC Liège
  • Cetic
  • Uwel


Contact us !

Contact Valérie Viatour, our business specialist who will answer all of your questions with pleasure and if necessary direct you to the right expert.

info@chiveo.be Valérie Viatour
+32 (0)473 400 756
Chiveo info@chiveo.be +32 (0)473 400 756

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