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Process Mining: gain real time, ultimate insight on your processes

Celonis Process Mining is an intelligent big data technology that analyzes and visualizes every process in your company in real time. It reveals weaknesses and makes processes more transparent, faster, and more cost-effective.



Celonis Process Mining is an easy, integrated management tool granting access to an unlimited number of users with its Enterprise edition.

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Get the real picture of your processes

Celonis uses the digital traces of IT-supported processes to reconstruct and visualize how your company’s process are really executed. It shows the most common process flow to a full visualization of all currently running processes.


Drive transparency and efficiency

Celonis’ smart process mining technology automatically learns how your processes work and detects any vulnerabilities. It shows where inefficiencies and deviations from the target process are driving up costs or delivery times. It identifies the highest priority issues and their root causes, so you can take immediate action.


Fully scalable and enterprise-ready

Celonis is an enterprise-proven Process Mining solution that analyzes all your processes. It offers powerful features for the administration of user roles, data and analyses. It effortlessly scales for even the largest Big Data scenarios while maintaining a low data footprint, which means: No performance loss and almost zero loading times.


Smart insights powered by machine learning

Celonis PI (Proactive Insights Engine) combines Process Mining with machine learning and A.I. to achieve highly intelligent and fully automated insights. It automatically discovers problems in your processes and gives advice on how to improve them. PI-powered features: PI Conformance, PI Companion, PI Social.


Get started now with 100+ apps

Want to straighten out a few specific issues with your processes in a short amount of time? Then go to our content store. Here you can choose from over 100 pre-built analysis developed in cooperation with Celonis customers and partners to measure your true process efficiency. Lightning-fast to install and customize so you can start immediately, without any prior training.


Real-time optimization

Celonis puts you always in control of your processes to ensure continuous efficiency. Thanks to real-time process mining, you can respond to changes in the process and market immediately and always be one step ahead of the competition. Story mode lets you create fast analysis to validate the impacts of process changes, good or bad, as they are deployed.


Micropole - the market’s leading specialist of the Celonis Process Mining solution

Micropole entails a team of passionate experts in the field of Big Data and smart BI. With more than 25 years of experience, Micropole has a deep understanding of the specific needs of all business sectors. It’s profound knowledge of the Celonis Process Mining solution combined to its powerful and smart features are the key answer to unlock the potential of your data and optimize the efficiency of your business!


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