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Unify Business Insights, Once and For All

SAP BusinessObjects Cloud is a new generation of software as a service (SaaS) that redefines analytics by providing capabilities including BI, planning, and predictive for all users in one product. Now, it will be easier and safer than ever for customers to sample, share, combine and blend data to quickly build models, find insights, and take action.


SAP BusinessObjects Cloud

An innovation from digital revolution

Features & Capabilities

SAP BusinessObjects Cloud for Business Intelligence

Customers can answer business questions in just a few clicks with best-of-breed BI by connecting, preparing and blending data from different sources. They can create and enrich visualizations with insights from Big Data discovery, uncover intelligence and take action at the point of decision in their applications.


SAP BusinessObjects Cloud for Planning

Customers can embed collaboration tools and analytics directly into the planning processes so they never have to switch between applications again. They can simplify financial planning and analysis (FP&A), plan at any level of detail with any number of users, and align plans across departments by integrating with SAP BusinessObjects Planning and Consolidation.


SAP BusinessObjects Cloud for Predictive Analytics

Help your customers get instant, contextual predictive insights with our cloud predictive analytics tools. Part of SAP BusinessObjects Cloud, the tools use guided machine learning and discovery to help all users run what-if analyses, forecasts, and predictive scoring on data big and small – quickly and easily.


SAP Digital Boardroom

SAP Digital Boardroom equips our customer business leaders with real-time contextual information, ad hoc reporting, and what-if analysis so they can make better decisions for today and drive change for tomorrow. The software leverages SAP S/4HANA lines of business data to provide a single source of truth for your company’s most important metrics.


Micropole - the market’s leading specialist in innovative Data Visualisation solutions

Micropole entails a team of passionate experts in the field of Agile BI. With more than 25 years of experience, Micropole has a deep understanding of the specific needs of all business sectors. It’s cross-product knowledge of the Data Visualisation tools on the market combined with the experience on the innovative BO Cloud platform are the key answer to unlock the potential of your data and optimize the efficiency of your business!


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